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Friday, 13 October, 2017

Dear Friend

Do you feel unhappy, lonely and insecure most of the times? Do you often feel frustrated by the people around you?

Are you generally neglected by others? Have you been betrayed by people you trusted? Do you feel lost, desperate and depressed even?

Now, just imagine what you can achieve and how happy you can be if you can learn how to make people like you and have more true friends?

You are about to learn something that will change your life forever!  Now, if you want to find true happiness in life, please keep your eyes glued to this page. You won't find this information anywhere else. Find out how to:

Make friends with any person easily and create a favourable and lasting impression. This is the most important skill you need to know if you want to succeed in life!

Meet total strangers without fear and make them feel friendly and attracted to you instantly. Do you know that dealing with a complete stranger is even easier than dealing with a friend you know? What happens when two strangers meet each other for the first time and how you can come up on top.

Impress, attract and control the opposite sex, even the person who is normally "off limits" to you. Forget about Online Dating services. You can find your Dream Partner and True Love in the real world. There is no need for you to say anything. Just use three amazing non-verbal signals to attract someone you do not know but are interested in! Read an excerpt from this chapter ==> Click Here

Make your husband, your wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner more loving and caring towards you. This is the most important secret you'll ever need to learn! You will need it even more if you have to save your marriage now! Learn how to get your Ex back quickly and permanently.

How to get people to like you and be popular in your school, work place and community. Learn four easy techniques to make you the kind of person others want to have around. People will be attracted to you like flies to honey.

Persuade and convince others to see things your way and do what you want, instantly and happily, even if they do not agree with you. The silky art of persuasion is easily mastered once you read this chapter. As a parent, you will understand your children better and be able to mold and motivate them to be the best they can be. As an employer, you will be able to increase productivity and generate more revenues.

Draw out the thoughts of others and get them to tell you their secrets, without letting them know yours. This technique alone is worth a lot of money to many people! You will know instantly whether other people are lying to you. How to find out whether your spouse is having an affair and not telling you?

Break down resistance and successfully sell your ideas or products to the person who is not interested. If you need to sell anything in your job, you will need to learn this! And we are all salesman in life! Learn how the first Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew was able to sell difficult political policies to his countrymen and make Singapore into the success story it is today. As a salesman, you will be able to tell exactly when your customer begins to become receptive to your idea - the BUY signal - and make more sales and earn more money.

Control and master large groups of people under all kinds of settings and occasions. This skill is important, especially when you work in a large organisation. If you are shy and have a fear of public speaking, this skill will help you become a better communicator and speak confidently in front of big crowds.

Handle difficult and problematic people and coworkers with ease. These are the people who give you the most headaches and waste your time. You can have them eating out of your hands with a snap of your fingers after you learn how.

Be the center of attraction at any social function. Should you dress differently? When is the best time to arrive at the function? Where should you stand for maximum effect? Do you know that chatting comfortably with a group of persons until the party is over is the last thing you should do? How to be the most popular person around others?

Make important people listen to you. This is useful, especially when you are giving an important presentation to big clients and you have to secure a do-or-die business contract with them.

Communicate with a difficult boss and favorably shape his opinion of you. If you are not self-employed, the second important person in determining your future is your boss. Especially in the bad economic climate now. Make sure that your boss always ranks you ahead of your colleagues when it comes to promotion, pay raises and bonuses!

Turn hostilities into friendliness. When two persons confront each other with arguments, unkind remarks and angry words, the relationship is bound to suffer. How do you turn off the other person's anger instantly and effectively? How do you rebuild the relationship no matter what has happened?

Keep your friends for life and build upon your friendships! Live the life you have always dreamed of but never had a way to get until now. Find your way to True Happiness.

We Always Want More of Something That We Cannot Get or Have

We all have one or two friends who are the center of attraction all the time and boy, do we envy them! They are the ones who make friends easily. They are always surrounded by hosts of admiring people and are never lonely.

They get the most attractive partner, best job offers, fastest promotion and most social invitations! Well, envy them no more!


The incredible art and skills of making people like you and trust you can be easily learnt and used by anybody, whether you are a professional, top executive, job seeker, housewife, secretary, salesman, teacher, student, lover or parent.

These are the skills I wish I had when I was young and starting out in life. It would have saved me so much time, money and frustration.

How many times have you told yourself that you are not getting anyhere - that it is time to think seriously about a major change in your life?

You can be shy and timid, an introvert, a loner, or the nervous mumbling geek who is always last to be asked by others to join any party. It does not matter. The techniques you learn in the manual will change all that.

This is what people are saying about "How To Make People Like You and Do What You Say!

"I graduated from the university and kept on going on job interviews and was not getting anything. Then I read this manual and realized that although paper qualifications were important, it was more critical to be able to interact well with people and get the interviewers to like me. After learning the skills, I was able to get offers and I chose the one I liked best!  Edna Loh -  Sydney, Australia.

"I took a sales job in insurance after graduating from Polytechnic. I was the worst performing worker even though I attended all the courses on selling insurance. Then I learnt from this manual how to sell myself and get people to like me. I became more confident and I ended up selling more policies than my supervisor! I am now managing my own team." Gabriel Goh - Choa Chu Kang, Singapore.

"My husband left me for someone he met at work. I was so upset and wanted him back. I couldn't understand what he even saw in this woman, nor could his friends. I got this manual and gained the confidence and it worked - he came back soon after. This was a real eye opener." Adeline S - St Petersburg, Florida.

"This girl at school seems to have the best clothes, boyfriends and is always getting the best attention from classmates and teachers. I always hated her. Then I learnt from your manual the technique of getting people to like me and listen to me. Now I too am surrounded by friends and is well-liked by almost everyone. And I am good friends with the girl too!" Jaya Tiwari - Mombai, India.


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It has taken me 30 years of interacting with people from different societies at all levels on a daily basis to learn these techniques.

I found out what works and what doesn't and I have compiled everything into a step-by-step easy to use system that even a 12-year old can understand and follow.

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This unique guide contains many easy-to-master conversational techniques that will enable you to jump-start a conversation and talk comfortably with a girl or guy on just about any topic and handle any business or social settings with complete ease!

You get the best conversation starters and topics that you can use with anyone under any circumstances.  Use them to brighten up your social life! With this special guide, you will never be tongue-tied again when you meet any stranger anywhere!

(2)  How To Attract and Seduce Asian Women worth $29.95. To buy this bonus separately, Click Here.

Discover the Secrets of Attracting and Dating Asian Women without learning their language or spending a ton of money! Many men are attracted to Asian women because of their gorgeous smiles and their loyalty.

This guide will reveal the powerful techniques of how to approach Asian women the correct way, cultural differences that cause most men to fail from the start, how to push all the important triggers, how to get her phone number the first time you talk to her, the one all-important thing you should never do, and how to make her more responsive to you...and this is just a partial list of the little known skills you will learn in the guide!

(3)  The Art of Asking A Girl Out worth $39.95. To buy this bonus separately, Click Here.

Learn the strategies of asking a girl out even if you are a hopeless nerd! If you had been turned down by a girl before for a date, you will need this! If you have her number but dare not call or text her for fear of rejection, you are shy and do not know what to say, you don't own a flashy car or think you are not handsome, this bonus guide will teach you how not to get turned down by the girl you want to date, ever again.

You will learn the different types of girl and factors to consider when asking them, how to prepare, how to make the best first impression, dos and donts on the date, and much more!

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Do not waste any more time bumbling through life in a trial and error fashion.

Do you want a genuine and unique Competitive Edge?

 Take Action Now!

Warmest Wishes
Heche Lim

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