How To Be Charming and Popular

How to be popular and charming


How to become well-liked and popular

Today I will teach you two secrets you can use to make yourself the kind of person others want to have round. The first one is to always give your wholehearted attention to the other person you are dealing with. Everybody in this world yearns for attention. We all have a deep desire for other people to listen to our ideas, our remarks, our suggestions and our opinions. Have you ever noticed that whenever a television camera is aimed at some people at a show or a football game, they would always wave their hands? That is because they want to be noticed. It is an automatic reaction for everybody to want to gain attention and feel important. So, by giving your full attention to the person you deal with, he will love you for it and definitely reciprocate in kind.

The second secret to being well-liked and popular is to become sincerely interested in the people you deal with. Forget yourself. Do not try to get other people interested in you and whatever you do. Nobody will be interested. They would rather you listened to them and their problems. To everybody else, the world revolves around them and not you. The best way to impress another person is not to try and get him interested in you but to let him know that you are impressed by him. You can do that by simply learning to be genuinely interested in other people and their problems. You can be sure that by doing so, the other person will be impressed by you.

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