Make Important People Listen To You


Make important people listen to you

Speaking to an important group of persons is just a glorified person-to-person conversation. The difference is that your listeners talk back to you with a nod or a shake of the head, a smile, a scornful look, or by clapping or napping. Many top management people consider good communication skills a foremost quality if you want to move up in business. Fortunately these skills can be learnt. The following paragraphs will show you how.

To be able to make important people listen to you, you must first of all know exactly what kind of a response you want from your listeners. Before you speak, you should visualize what you want your listener to look feel and do as a result of what you say. That is, how are you going to go about changing your listeners? To do that, you must know your listeners well. You must know who they are and what they already knew. What sort of experiences have they had before and whether they care about you and what you have to say.

Your communication style is also important. Every person has a unique way of conveying their messages. You must know what is your own style. Polish up your speaking voice, modulate your tone and make sure that your overall presence affect your listener in a pleasant way. When you talk, you should use vivid languages, simple vocabulary, and paint full pictures that your listeners can “see” with their ears. To do that, make us of metaphors and analogies. Choose words that convey specific and concrete images.

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