Master and Control Large Crowds

Master and control large crowds 2


Master and control large groups of people

There are two important points you must know before you learn how to master and control large groups of people. Firstly, you cannot possibly control and direct the actions of each person in the group individually. Secondly, you will have to obtain help from others to manage and control large groups of people. The secret lies in three basic principles – Organizing, Deputizing and Supervising. Once you learn how to use these basic principles, there is no limit as to how powerful you can become or the number of people you can master and control.

When you become a supervisor, manager or even the CEO of your company, you will have many people working for you. You can no longer do everything yourself. However, there is no need to control everybody to be successful. All you need to do is to control a few key persons. Through them, you would control dozens or even hundreds of people. The secret lies in your ability to organize, deputize, and supervise. Organize your people and your resources to do the task assigned to you. Next, you must delegate authority to your selected and trusted subordinates to do the job. Lastly, you must supervise to ensure that your orders are carried out properly so that work will get done.


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