Dating beautiful women and handsome men 1

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The latest study on human sexual behaviour shows that courtship, whose evolutionary purpose is getting close in order to mate, depends a lot on non-verbal signals.

Therefore to attract someone of the opposite sex, we send and receive signals to be successful. This chapter will illustrate the signals to use to give you an edge in courtship.

The first signal is smiling. But smiling does not mean grinning from ear to ear, showing all your teeth and wrinkling your whole face up.

Just let the smile touch the corner of your lips a little, and make sure it shows in your eyes.

The result is a softly seductive picture which punches with devastating effect. You will notice that at any dance party, the guys will usually approach those girls who have a smile on their faces.

So smile, even though sometimes you do not feel like smiling inside. You will look more attractive too by smiling.

The second signal is eye contact. Most men find women who look them in the eye when they are talking interesting and attractive.

For a woman to send a signal that she is interested, all she needs to do is to hold a man’s glance for a fraction of a second longer than normal and she can be sure that after that the man would be drawn magnetically towards her.

When a man and a woman meet each other, a refusal by one party to return a gaze is a clear sign that he or she is uncertain or uninterested.

Of course for a man to send a woman an obvious message that he is interested, he just need to look at her continuously. Just be careful not to turn it into a rude stare.

Other variations of effective eye contact are frequently looking at your target of admiration; giving a sidelong or darting glance until your eyes lock with those of your target and then looking away; a distant, riveting glance; or a one-on-one glance whereby you gaze deeply into the other person’s eyes, a very strong sexual signal.

The third signal is…

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