Discover Secrets Of Others And Read Their Minds

Discover the secrets of others


Draw out the thoughts of others and discover what they desire

To have control over people, we need to know what they desire most and then try to fulfil that desire. However this information is often hidden in the mind of these people. Sometimes they take the initiative to let us know. At other times we have to draw it out.

To discover the thoughts of another person, the simplest thing you could do is to ask him questions. When you do so, two conflicting forces are involved which can work both for and against him giving you the information you want. Working against giving you the information is his disinclination to be distracted from his own preoccupations. He has his own thoughts to think and his own ideas and feelings to express and he may not wish to be bothered with answering your questions. Another important point is his feeling of secretiveness. He might feel safer withholding the information, feeling that the less you know about his thoughts, the better off he is.

Working in your favour is his wanting an opportunity to express his ideas and feelings to another person. The feeling of helping you in some way may also encourage him to share information. To encourage him to give you information in response to your question, you should make it enjoyable for him to do so by expressing your appreciation and by listening with interest to what he has got to say. If he expands on his answer, that means he is enjoying the expression of his ideas and feelings. Paid attention to him and allow him to enjoy this part of the conversation even though you are itching to get the information you want.


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