How To Find Out The Secrets Of Others

How to find out the secrets of others 2


How to get others to tell you their secrets, without letting them know yours

Knowing a secret makes a person feel proud because he feels that he is in a superior position – he knows something that you and others do not. However, a person with a secret is also under a psychological pressure to tell it to somebody. It is not easy to keep a secret, more so if the secret is about something that is very important. This is the reason why state secrets, industrial secrets, company secrets, family secrets etc are often leaked. It is a natural human tendency for one to want to tell another person about something important the moment he learns about it. This knowledge about the pressure of keeping secrets will enable you to find out the secrets of others.

So, to find out something that another person knows about, for example, some future company plans which that person has learnt from the boss, you should firstly let him enjoy his feeling of superiority for a while. Make him feel important and feed his ego by saying that he must be going places since the boss had told him something important. Do it for a while. Then you must drop the subject suddenly and act as if you are no longer interested in it. You will find that very soon, he will want to tell you what it is all about.

Why is that so?

To learn more on how to get your friends and other people to tell you their innermost secrets, without letting them know yours, click on the image below:

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