How To Handle A Tough Boss and Make Your Boss Like You

How to handle a tough boss


Communicate with a difficult boss and favourably shape his opinion of you

If you are not self-employed, then like many people, the most important person in determining your future is your boss. On a day-to-day basis, he has direct control over your career, earning power and indirectly the quality of your life. He has direct authority in assigning you jobs that enhance your skills and self-esteem. On the other hand, he is also a major potential cause of headaches and worries, especially if he is a difficult boss. In other words, he can either make you tick or make you sick.

What can you do if you are unfortunate enough to have a tyrant of a person as a boss, one who is insensitive to individual needs, a terrible taskmaster, unsupportive, and guilty of exploiting his workers? You can take the sufferings in your stride or work at turning a bleak situation to your advantage. In fact, most of the people who complain endlessly about their difficult bosses do not realize that there are actually some benefits to working for someone they do not like or respect. The following paragraphs show a number of things you can do to change the problem of having a difficult boss into a boost for your career. Not only will you end up being able to shape his opinion of you favourably, your good work may even get you promoted into the job now held by your boss!


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