How To Persuade and Convince People to Your Point of View

How to persuade people


Persuade and convince people to see things your way and do what you want even if they do not agree with you

Mastering the silky art of persuasion means knowing how to overcome another person’s resistance to your ideas. You can normally do so with logic if the person’s opposition is rational. But usually people will resist your ideas for irrational reasons. The only way you can do to fight irrational opposition is to set aside logic, encourage your opponent to express his feelings, and let the flaws in his point of view expose themselves. When your opponent begins to ask questions rather than simply make statements, you know that he is ready to consider your ideas.

To make a person see things your way, he must be in a state of receptivity to receive your idea. This state of receptivity will depends on three things:

(a) Whether he has or is being bothered by any inner preoccupations.

(b) The relationship between your new idea and the idea that he already has. If accepting your idea involves too strong a rejection or repudiation of his own ideas, he is not likely to be receptive.

(c) What your new idea will do to his ego. If accepting your idea means damaging his self-image, he is unlikely to accept it.

How do you know when a person is in a state of receptivity? When he starts asking questions or shows in any other ways that he wants to know more, or when he expresses self-doubt. These expressions indicate that there is a vacuum waiting to be filled, ie he is in a state of receptivity to any ideas that can fill this void. On the other hand, when a person makes a statement which ends with a period, he is less receptive than if he were to make one that ends with a question mark.

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