Be The Life Of The Party And Attract Everyone

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Be the center of attraction at any social function

Social functions and parties give people the best opportunity to make important contacts with the right people. They also give you the best chance to impress your bosses as you are able to socialize with them on a one-to-one basis. Most parties are a melange of people and purposes, and the attenders are left to make what they will of them. You will learn in this chapter how to be able to walk into any group at a function and be as much at ease as if you were at home with your own family. You will be completely comfortable in any social environment and at the same time, be the centre of attraction.

To be the centre of attraction at any party, you must dare to be different. If you dress like everyone else, look like everyone else, and act like everyone else, you will never stand out from the crowd. However you should not be so different as to cause the other party-goers to laugh at you. All you need to do is to wear something a little outstanding and you will become the centre of attraction. You can be different without being obnoxious about it. Just be distinctive in some way and you will be noticed and remembered.

Another technique is to arrive after the rest have done so. Make a loud and dramatic entrance. This technique, however, will work only if it is a routine party given just for the sake of socializing, like a New Year party or Christmas party. It will not work if the function is being given for some VIP. In that case, it will be better to arrive slightly earlier and offer your services. This is especially so if the host is your boss or someone important. You should show up earlier and offer to help by meeting people at the door. That will give people the impression that you were the co-host and that you and your boss are close to each other. Your colleagues will view you with more respect subsequently. Your boss will also be grateful for you help and will view you differently from the rest of your colleagues.

To learn how to be the main attraction at any party or social function, click on the image below:

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