Make Friends With Total Strangers Immediately

Make friends with total strangers


Overcome the fear of meeting total strangers and make them feel friendly instantly

Research has shown that when two total strangers of either sex meet for the first time, one of them will automatically assume control of the situation and lead the conversation. The other person will thus become the follower. You can always get the upperhand and assume control by simply remembering that everybody living in this world is simply waiting for another person to tell him what to do and to lead him. You can be that other person. Armed with this amazing secret, you will find that you can grasp control over total strangers easily and instantly.

So how do you go about mastering total strangers? Very simply by always taking the initiative and you will have the edge on your side. If you are by nature a shy person who dare not talk to people you do not know, just assume this simple fact – the other person is shyer than you are and your task is to put the person at ease and talk to him. Why is this so? Because other people will always accept you and treat you according to your own appraisal of yourself. If you appear awkward and retreating, the other person will automatically become the leader. Act like a down-and-out nobody and people will treat you as such. Act like a leader with authority and people will look up to you and respect you.

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