How To Sell Your Ideas, Yourself and Your Products

How to sell your ideas


Break down resistance and successfully sell your ideas or products to the person who is not interested

We do not always get what we want out of other people as not everybody will immediately do what we want them to do without questioning our methods and motives. It is a frustrating affair and oftentimes, to get things done their way or to win an argument, some people would resort to using force. This is a waste of effort and time as the only way you can ever break down resistance is to get the other person to change his mind. Remember, a person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. This chapter reveals ways to help you break down another person’s resistance so that you can convert him to your way of thinking.

Whenever a person give you a reason or reasons for his resistance or objection to doing something, you can be sure that the reason is given because it sounds plausible or good to you. The actual objection is hidden and not revealed. To successfully break down the other person’s resistance, you have to uncover the real reason. You can achieve that by simply asking that person either or both of these two questions persistently – (a) Why not or why? (b) And in addition to that, is there any other reason? After some time, the real reason will be revealed, even if indirectly.

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