How to Tell Whether People Are Lying To You

How to tell whether people are lying to you


How to know instantly whether other people are lying to you

The most primitive form of communication is non-verbal behaviour. Man has used non-verbal signals to transmit messages to other people since the dawn of history. We subconsciously read other people’s non-verbal signals and often get it right, but this skill has fallen into misuse. One thing to note too is that non-verbal behaviour is carried out subconsciously and usually cannot be controlled. The person himself may not even be aware that he is sending out non-verbal signals. This will give you an advantage when it comes to finding out whether the person talking to you is lying to you or not.

When we tell a lie, it is usually by a small omission or a small addition and in these cases we inevitably use displacement behaviour – verbal or non-verbal. If I add something to make a lie, then, to keep the bodily status quo, I would leave something out in the form of a body movement or a change in voice level. If I take out something, ie lie by omission, then I must add something else, eg in the form of a gesture or an increase in speech rate.

This displacement behaviour can be recognised. The rate of displacement activity slows down from head to foot. We are very quick with facial displacement (eg the fleeting glance), slower with hand gestures and even slower still with foot tapping. As facial changes can be controlled with practise, a deceiver will nearly always fool those unversed in non-verbal signals. So ideally you should be able to see the whole person.

Liars tend to restrict their use of gesture owing to the subconscious fear that hand movements will somehow reveal their deception. Hands may be kept out of sight behind the back or thrust into pockets. Even so, however, the tension caused by lying may betray itself through the displacement activity of jiggling coins or fiddling with keys.


To learn how to be a human lie-detecting machine, click on the image below:

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