Turn Enemies Into Best Friends

turn enemies into best friends


How to Handle Hostilities and Turn Enemies into Friends

When a person is angry with you, it is usually because of one of several reasons. He could be angry because of something you have said or done, or he could be angry because of something he thinks you have said or done. Sometimes, he may be upset with another person or other matters but vent out his frustrations on you anyway, just because you happen to be the nearest or most convenient target. No matter what, you will need to do something about it, even if you are not to blame. You will need to turn off his anger quickly so that you can restore normal friendly relations with him again.

One effective method to do that is to simply listen to his story from the beginning to end without any interruption at all. After he has completed his scolding or whatever, tell him in a calm manner that you agree with him or that you understand his point of view. Then you ask him what he wants you to do about it. Usually, all he wants is to vent his frustration – get it all off his chest. By providing a sympathetic ear and showing that you are willing to listen, you would have calm him down somewhat. Usually, the person would just say that he only wanted you to know how he feels, or he just wanted an apology from you. If the situation warrants it, by all means apologise to him. You would have turned hostilities into friendliness without much difficulty.

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