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Win Friends Easily, Influence People and Get Ahead in Life!

How do we create a favourable and lasting impression when meeting a stranger and trying to make friends with him? The first step is to know one simple amazing secret, and that is, everyone has needs and desires which must be fulfilled. If you know what another person wants most of all and can give it to him, this person will be your friend for life. This invaluable knowledge about another person’s desires and needs is the leverage you will need to gain complete and absolute mastery over anyone you come across. There is no need to be a psychologist or a psychiatrist to be able to make friends easily.

How do we find out the wants and desires of the people we meet? It is easy when we realize that people say and do things because they have certain motives, deep desires or needs that must be fulfilled. All their speeches or actions are aimed at achieving them. Besides pure physical needs like food, rest, sex, some needs are acquired as a person grows and matures as he learns to covet what is regarded as valuable by others; like a big house, designer clothing, bigger cars etc. Over time, these desires would become acquired as well.

The following is a compiled list, in no particular order, of things that any normal person want to be, to have or to do.

People Like To Do:

  • make and save more money
  • enjoy life
  • save time
  • get ahead of others
  • feel good and have fun
  • avoid effort and criticism
  • live longer
  • their own things
  • accomplish important things
  • make a meaningful contribution
  • travel to exotic places
  • escape physical or emotional pain
  • satisfy appetite
  • protect loved ones
  • emulate others he admires
  • attract the opposite sex

How do you find out what a person wants most of all? By asking questions when you talk to him. Not directly but in a subtle manner. Focus on giving people simple, understandable, and useful information that will satisfy any of the above or any combination of the above and you would have made them your friends for life. For further information on how to find out what a person wants most of all, read this blog post and this blog post.

To further learn the finer techniques on how to draw out the hidden desires and thoughts of others, click on the image below:

===>how to make more friends


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