Win Friends For Life

win friends for life


Keep your friends for life and build upon your friendships

In chemistry, it is a known fact that certain elements have a natural affinity for each other. For example, when two atoms of hydrogen meet one atom of oxygen, they will automatically bond to form one molecule of water. This same kind of attraction can exist between you and your friends as long as you remain alert and spot any misunderstandings or problems before they have a chance to disturb your relationships.

These problems can come up suddenly. For example, in a moment of impatience, a close friend of yours who could be tired or frustrated with his work may snap at you in the midst of a conversation. The natural tendency for a person to react in such a situation is to snap back and you will probably end up arguing or even worse quarrelling with your friend. So to prevent that from occurring, you must be learn to be patient and be alert to the danger signs of temper and lack of concern for your friend. Once you are able to spot these signs, you can quickly correct your attitude and steer the conversation back into a friendly one.


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